Lampton Group

Who we are


We are an organisation which is ‘of the Council’ but different, combining commercial expertise with a commitment to public service. A company wholly owned by the council, we seek out business opportunities with clients who share our values and the values of our sole shareholder the London Borough of Hounslow.

Lampton Group Board

The role of the Board of Directors is to promote the success of the Lampton Group and provide clear leadership to enable the Group to deliver the objectives with which it has been tasked. The board is answerable to the Cabinet of the London Borough of Hounslow as sole shareholder and operates under a framework of effective controls and corporate governance. The Group is otherwise free to operate in the best interests of the Group and to compete on an even basis with its competitors in the marketplace.

Non-Executive Director, Chair of the Health & Safety Committee, Chair of the Finance, Risk, Audit & Performance Committee

Anthony Middleton

Non-Executive Director,Chair of the Lampton Community Services

Robert Overall

Non-Executive Director

Lyn Carpenter

Non-Executive Director

Gurcharan Singh Salotera

Chair of the Lampton Group Board

Martin Cresswell

Non-executive director of the Lampton Leisure board

David Stalker

Non-Executive Director

Euan McMurdo

Non-Executive Director ,Chair of the Lampton Leisure Board

Gillian Bishop

Non-Executive Director of the development and investment board

Peter Maxwell

Non-Executive Director

Emma Jones