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Lampton 360 Ltd was established by the London Borough of Hounslow in 2012 with the objective of trading local authority functions in order to generate financial surpluses and return those to the council. It is a company wholly owned by the council and with an aim of returning value to the council. Our companies represent a bold, new and ambitious approach by a London Borough.

Lampton Recycle 360 Ltd

Recycle 360 was established to provide, cost-effective and efficient, high-quality recycling and waste collection services for its customers and commenced operations on October 31st, 2016. Recycle 360 delivers these services in a way that helps reduce the carbon impact of the company’s business activities, through investment in a modern, fuel-efficient fleet. Recycle 360 is developing a commercial waste business that can successfully generate revenue growth whilst at the same time meeting customers’ needs and also motivate and support those customers in their own efforts to reduce residual waste generation.

Lampton GreenSpace 360 Ltd

GreenSpace 360 officially commenced business 1 March 2018. Its main objective is to provide the London Borough of Hounslow with a cost-effective and efficient parks and open space maintenance service. GreenSpace 360 will deliver these services in a way that helps reduce the cost impact of the company’s business activities, through gaining confidence, establishing better working relationships and delivering a service the Council requires. We are aiming to stabilise the service this year and look to implement new initiatives in 2019.

Lampton Development 360 LLP

Development 360 is a property developer established with the aim of re-developing local authority land through residential and mixed-use projects. The overall programme intends to deliver up to 1500 new build homes over the next 5 years. Offering sustainable communities where local people will choose to live. The programme will be split by 40% affordable, 40% private, and 20% for private rent offering a range of housing solutions that will need housing need.

Lampton Investment 360 Ltd

Investment 360 is a property investor with the remit to acquire up to 175 properties for use in a property purchase scheme, all with rents set at 90% of market rents. This will enable the LBH housing team to discharge some of their housing obligations through permanent, good quality housing. The investment company also has a remit to acquire new build properties for private rent, again to aid the offer of alternative housing solutions for local people.

Lampton Leisure