• 16 March, 2018

Cemeteries, churchyards and crematoria

Cemeteries, churchyards and crematoria

Cemeteries, churchyards and crematoria 150 150 Lampton360

Cemeteries and churchyards

The cemetery service provides for burials of many faiths, religions and beliefs thereby reflecting the multicultural blend of Hounslow.

Within the borough’s cemeteries there is provision for various types of graves from the traditional earthen burial to brick interments to burial via a shroud. There are areas of graves set aside for those of the Muslim faith and where special provision is in place for out of normal hours burials.

Greenspace 360 manages the cemeteries and churchyards on behalf of the London Borough of Hounslow.


  • Bedfont Cemetery
  • Borough Cemetery
  • Chiswick New Cemetery
  • Chiswick Old Cemetery
  • Feltham Cemetery
  • Hatton Cemetery
  • Hounslow Cemetery
  • Isleworth Cemetery
  • New Brentford Cemetery


  • St Leonards Churchyard Heston Road Heston
  • All Saints Churchyard Church Road Isleworth
  • St Mary’s Churchyard, Bedfont
  • St Nicholas Churchyard Church Street Chiswick


Contact us

For any information on burials please contact the cemetaries team or 020 8583 6080.

For any other information please contact the parks team or 020 8583 2000

Out of Normal Hours Burial

Burials beyond normal hours will be permitted provided cemeteries staff are available, the initial contact being Greenspace 360 Emergency switchboard number 020 8583 2222.