Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Lampton 360 takes corporate responsibility and sustainability very seriously. To enshrine this into our governance, a part of our five-year plan is to establish a Corporate Responsibility Policy for rolling out across the Group. On a practical level, one example of our commitment to sustainability is evidenced in our investment in a modern fleet for our recycling services, as well as the reconfiguring of services to fortnightly collections, and also curb-side sorting for recycling services. Another approach we are taking in relation to sustainability is around the promotion of reduced carbon emission on all new build developments, and the removal of construction waste from our building sites in conjunction with our Joint Venture Development Partner.

Local Businesses

The Lampton Group is required to comply with London Borough of Hounslow’s procurement arrangements. Where we can, we seek to utilise suppliers based within the borough, as a way of supporting local businesses in our area. Examples of this include Jiksaw, Kallkwik and Rolfe East.

The importance of corporate responsibility has been instilled in our Group mission statement:

Lampton 360 stands for integrity, reliability and customer service. We are an organisation which is ‘of the Council’ but different, combining commercial expertise with a commitment to public service. It is a company wholly owned by the council, with all surpluses made returning to the council.

Lampton 360 seeks out business opportunities with clients who share our values and where our activities are in line with the policies and values of our sole shareholder the London Borough of Hounslow