• 26 June, 2018

Restrictions on export of waste materials to China

Restrictions on export of waste materials to China

Restrictions on export of waste materials to China 150 150 Lampton360

There has been a lot of media coverage recently about new regulations imposed by China in relation to waste and recycling materials delivered into the country from all around the world, including the UK.

We would like to take this opportunity to reassure residents of the London Borough of Hounslow, that Lampton Recycle 360 has sustainable recycling avenues for the materials that you separate for recycling and that these are traded with environmentally responsible, accredited companies.

China is a very important market for some materials, so the new regulations are of some concern across the industry, however at the current time we at Lampton Recycle 360 are not exporting any material directly to China. The key materials affected by the situation in China are plastics and certain grades of fibres (mixed papers).

The new regulations in China are designed to set a higher quality threshold for the material and particularly to ensure that less rigorous operators do not export “waste” disguised as recycling, or recycling with high contamination levels. Lampton Recycle 360 agrees with this principle and we are confident that through our collection methods and our sorting processes we deliver high-quality material to the market and thus we are less negatively affected by any tighter controls than other companies or councils.

We appreciate the efforts of residents and would encourage you to continue to separate your materials for recycling and help us to achieve one of our key aims of reducing residual waste and increasing recycling and re-use. This helps us to spend less on disposing of domestic waste and to create surplus from materials that are suitable for recycling.